Simplifying Application Deployments and Operations

Connecting Cloud, Application Builds & Deployments, Operations, ChatOps, Voice and Lex packaged in enterprise wrapper for a secure self service experience

Multi Cloud Enablement

Cloud adoption based on cloud agnostic approach. Design once and deploy on any Cloud using standard terminology


Cloud Native Deployments

Enable an automated application build and deployment to increase agility and resiliency


Automated Operations

Self service, catalog driven application operations to promote a NoOps operating model


Conversational Interfaces

Use conversational interfaces like Chat, Voice, Lex, Mobile and API enabled interfaces for platform management

Software Defined Deployments and Operations

Stack Aero provides a full stack platform to design, deploy, operate the operating environment of applications running in private or public cloud, with common taxonomy and standards that can help adopt any compute platform and operate consistency across any environment powered by API, Mobile and ChatOps.

Platform Agnostic

Application deployments based on infrastructure agnostic approach. One Model, Any Cloud Provides developers the ability to model applications based on a common runtime terminology and deploy the model across multiple cloud providers.


Promotes Infrastructure as code approach to enable software driven operations empowering developers to develop automation code using any framework.Framework agnostic automation enables rapid integration and automation of manual operations

Social Operations

Resolve issue faster using social collaboration powered by chatops. Executing tasks through chat enables collaborative resolution. Platform provides capabilities to manage issues, incidents and changes tightly coupled with deployment and operational capabilities

Software Driven Cloud Deployments

Enables a platform Agnostic deployment approach to your software – whereby the application software stack is independent of the underlying infrastructure. Enables developers model their application once and deploy them across multiple cloud environments using best of breed cloud capabilities.

Application Modeling

Provides capabilities for modeling application by assembling a set of Stacks in the Catalog and applying Application specific configuration including runtime Environment configuration

Deploy Anywhere

Model your application once and deploy it across multiple runtime private and public cloud environments. Consistently deploying applications under standardized environments, empowering organizations to deploy applications independent of the underlying infrastructure.

Docker Deployments

Enables Container based application deployments to facilitate micro services architecture and support cloud native applications. Reinforces multiple container orchestration engines including native Docker swarm or Mesos.

SDLC & Integration Continuous Delivery

Enables automated application deployments integrated with the Enterprise CICD platforms. Provides capabilities to integrate with Source code management systems like GitLab, GitHub and Build system based on Jenkins for continuous integration.

Software Driven Operations

StackAero facilitates organizations achieve operational excellence through automation, eliminating error prone manual process to reduce operational risk. Also, endorses DevOps by adding developers to the workflow and helping them to integrate infrastructure as code into their SDLC. Promotes chat as an operational interface to enable collaborative operations through task bots.

Automation Agnostic

Provides ability to develop automation code using Operating system based scripting, or automation can be implemented in any of the popular frameworks such as Chef or Ansible or native scripts. Automation Workflow plugins provide ability for developers to develop extensions to integrate with any automation frameworks.

Task Bots

Task Bots replicate and perform the complex process actions taken engineers based on their roles. Engineers can automate a simple or multi step operational activity and provide that as a service to users using bot commands. Bots improves operational effeciency and reduce the operational risk through automation

Chat Ops

Provides capabilities to execute operations tasks and interact with the runtime environment using Chat platforms likes Slack, Rocket.Chat and other providers in the future. ChatOps enables organizations to resolve issues and incidents faster by promoting collaborative resolution sessions though chat communications

Voice Ops

Use Voice enabled capabilities to interact with the platform using Amazon Alexa platform. "Voice will be the future of The next generation of corporate systems and applications will be built using conversational interfaces,” - Werner Vogels, CTO AWS

Core Design Principles

StackAero is built using a strong foundational architecture of API first design principles. We believe that power of our platform can only be harnessed by customer-driven extension and plugins to maximize its potential, coupled with strong integration capabilities.


API First Architecture

Built with API first architecture facilitates easy integration with other IT Systems and provides REST API to build integrations along with automation that suites enterprise strategy. Clients can extend the application based on pre-existing plugins or develop custom plugins which therefore enhances developer productivity and operational excellence.


Scalable Design

Designed for cale. Grow with your business. This platform is built to handle internet-scale operating environment.


Multi Channel

A platform built to support multi-channel interface that endows clients to interact with the platform at the workplace, on the fly. Responsive UI design to work on desktop and mobile platforms. IOS and Android native clients for ChatOps and operational visibility.

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View of our various features offered by the platform across all the modules

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